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So you want your own star car? 

You can either pay someone to build one for you (see our links page for some vendors/car builders) or you can set about building your own.

But what's involved, how much does it cost, where do I start?

Let's take a look at some of the cars and what's involved.

Starsky & Hutch Torino:

This is a relatively simple replica to do if you can find a sound donor car.

Car: 1974-1976 Ford Gran Torino 2dr.

Base price $2-8000 depending on condition.

Make sure you avoid the Torino Elite (wrong front end shape), or a Brougham or similar with rear opera windows, you'll just have to have them welded up.

Cars are fairly frequently found on eBay or

Paint is either Viper red or Ford 2B

Wheels are slot mags (Ansen Sprint is modern equivalent)

Hard to find parts: chrome lower rocker moldings

For parts try

more info to follow



A more complex replica due to the external and internal modifications required

Car: 1982-1991 Pontiac Firebird TransAm, T-Top

Base price $1-8000 depending on condition

Try to get an early car, 82-83 with T-Tops.  Later cars need more body modifications to make accurate.

Paint BLACK!

Choose either Pilot, Season 1, 2 or 3, 4 as the cars vary particularly internally as well as the nose cone for each season.

Hard to find parts: PMD seats in tan, 15" Turbocast wheels and bowling ball style hubcaps.

more info to follow


A-Team Van:

Car: Chevy G20 or GMC Vandura van (or similar)

Sliding side door, no side windows. Black bottom, GM Charcoal Metallic top with a custom red stripe.

Use either a GMC Vandura or Chevy G series van, standard wheel base.  The main difference between the GMC and Chevy is the front grill and badges, otherwise pretty much identical.

The body kit, flares, spoiler etc are available from Truck N Vans website: they even have dedicated sections for 80's vans and the new 2010 Movie van parts.  UK builders can get a body kit from Star Car hire.

Wheels: 15 spoke Vector/Turbine/Hurricane/Western wheels (they go under several different names!  US Craigslist or breakers yards often the best way to track them down.  You want 5 lug 5" pattern (5 on 5), unless you have a heavy duty 8 lug van of course.  You can use 5.5" rims off a Ford Bronco/Dodge etc, and using wheels adapters (which I have done)

Bull bar/brush guard: the big bar on the front!  You'll need to get someone to custom make one, can mount to factory holes already in the front bumper.

Interior: Now this is a big topic, best searching our forum for assistance here on materials, 8 track, cupboards etc.

General Lee:

Car: 1969 Dodge Charger

The 69 Charger has the correct front grill, you can use a 68 or 70 if you change the grill for a 69 one.

Paint it orange, stars n bars, decals, bull bar, dixie horn and you're good to go y'all.  Keep it 'tween the ditches!



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